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laid to rest in the riverbed
a cool caress in my smooth stone nest
her tranquil water surrounds me
while old ambition lies upstream

exhaustion as natural
as the flowing stream
nature is a creature
of endless means
i've already tried
i've grown tired
and now
i'm willing to drown

icy waters tear my skin
her despair floods in
to drown
my floundering lungs
for each step in the rapid creek
sharp stones slice my feet
unforgiving waves wash my tears
and i slip underneath

-Writing on Waves

Once you stop fighting – that’s the beginning of your downfall.


A poem about living a journey that we walk. Society changes every day, and we must move along with it. If we stop moving, then we will fall behind on ideas, technology, and innovations. Nobody will wait for you to catch up.

The seasons change, we must change with it. If the winter sets in, and you are still in your summer shorts, you will not survive.

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