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i have no plans
when i take
a walk in the woods.
where the path leads safely,
a life well understood.

it can be easy
to travel the smooth
well-carved trail.
dear wooded friends,
show me where to go
when my bright ideas fail.

they turn back
when the sun goes dark.
but i am not afraid
of chilly mountains.
i suffer for beauty,
and they never stay.

-Writing on Waves

Living life is as easy as a walk in the woods.

A Path Was Taken in the Woods

The walk that you choose will be yours only. There are many people you meet along the way to your destination. Have fun, and enjoy those moments. Because they will once day take a different route from you. Our journeys diverge. Everyone has their own unique destination.

Strive through challenges along the way, all for a rewarding scene. Enjoy the beautiful view alone.

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