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Stop Depending on Someone Else | Writing on Waves
my message was sent over the
ocean on a paper airplane.
flimsy wings glide along the skyline.
i’ll stand on the rocks waiting,
to be taken away.

yes, i know the seaweed snickers at me
because it is naïve to depend solely on
a piece of paper,
bird feathers,
and the generous weather,
all to simply escape here.
but i want so much
to see the mountains.
and i’m still waiting
to be taken away.

if you listen carefully over
the white noise of the shore,
you can hear the soft murmur
of the sodden driftwood
that surfaced from the previous
wind storms. my head was split
like logs,
and the answer becomes so obvious.
i shed my skin and tip-toe in
to the barren sea.
and in the blue of frozen time,
my message forgotten,
soaking along the coastline.

-Writing on Waves

I wrote this when I was thinking about sending out job applications. Once it’s out there, all you can do it wait for the response.

And keep waiting…

During this time, I felt like I wasn’t making much progress while waiting. It was as if I could do nothing until I received the employer’s decision. Plus, what could I do? I don’t even have a job.

In the end, my time was wasted because I waited for a response that would never come.

I ‘ll stand on the rocks waiting to be taken away.

When I reflect back on it, I was limiting myself in thinking that my next steps depend on an employer.

Why am I depending on these employers anyway? Well, they are the people that pay my salary…

Why it is Better to Diversify

We have all heard the saying “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. You don’t want to do this because if this action fails, there are no other options left. In the case of job applications, if I get rejected, then that’s it. There is nothing to fall back on, because all my plans depended on this job.

I would have to keep applying for jobs.

The problem is relying solely on this one factor-a factor that you have absolutely no control over. Don’t make decisions that depend rely on others. Take the control back into your hands.

This poem about solely relying on others can apply to other scenarios as well. The egg saying is always associated with investing.

The hard part is to come up with creative alternatives for yourself. Where else to put the eggs? Maybe the discovery is the enjoyable part.

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