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Umbrella Girl - Writing on Waves
umbrella girl,
shield yourself from the acid rain
when you stroll among the dreary gardens
left empty during this time. foliage greets you
with a twitch and a patter. if no one 
would talk to you anyway,
why are soggy leaves so pleasant?
i'm still surprised you came.

umbrella girl,
shield yourself from the mud
that sprays at you from the curb of
the street when cars roll past. tolerate
the spatter of mud; 
the plastic;
dirty masks; 
broken glass;
it washes us as the fraser gets fatter.

umbrella girl,
shield yourself from the insults
the heavens spit at you. does it sound like
a relentless beating
upon that vinyl sheet?
i know you want to hide
from the sky that has been
so cruel lately, and abandon that parasol
and brood.

but umbrella girl,
i implore you to hear – 
these are sounds of hope;
that you have been missing 
finish your day.

-Writing on Waves

The world hurls bitterness all around but this girl can handle it.

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