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summer becomes fall.
cooler comes the rain.
as they all fly away
i stay.
winter brings me no pain.

the river breaks and thaws.
warm breeze drops again.
as they sing of happy times
i overcame.
the seasons i endure again.

they have the means
to take to the skies-
this is their meaning.
they have a voice
to sing their will.
this is their victory.

my eyes
they climb high.
blinding snow
climbs over mountain peaks.
i do not feel cold.

my feet
strong as roots
hold my place in the storm.
i can make it
but why can’t i move an inch?

my heart
a solid stone
surmounting challenges
these forest gave.
why am i still afraid?

upon your next return
sing for me.
sing for me.
what are over those hills?
i long to learn.

ambition of the birds
come and go.
can you carry my words?
i long to be heard.

do you know that i
too have many dreams? 
do you know that i try to
carry them by any means?
my eyes see fantasy.
my feet sink deep.
my heart has needs.
but i still can’t achieve.
hidden in the forest, i belong
rooted among the trees.

-Writing on Waves

This poem is set in nature, a force constantly changing. The animals move with the seasons, as they migrate to different places when the weather changes. Just as soon as this place is deserted, the creatures return. The cycle repeats again.

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