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no single drop is constant 
in the tenacious river.
everybody persists- 
existing in stages.
do these forest change
for any other reason?

while i am snug in my nest,
the rest of the world 
moves with the seasons.
life is my own choices, and i
run from unknown places.
these days, i sink
deeper into my feathered cave.
why am i still afraid of change?

-Writing on Waves

I wrote this poem when I was feeling uneasy with changes. It is easy to stay where you are. I know I was happy to live with my family at home. Things in life change like the seasons: you graduate from school, move to a different place, or find a new job. I got too comfortable, and I did not want to lose familiarity. Nature forces us to move along with her.

When I am snug in my feathered cave, I get comfortable and prepare for a long hibernation. It becomes harder to get out, and resist changes.

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