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Look into the Mirror, do you Like What You See | Writing on Waves
there are parts of my 
life i place up on the wall.
i lay in a room of mirrors.
in each reflection, pictures
pull me back,
into this moment-
a kindhearted tug.
those emotions, those poems
forget not at all.
i just didn’t know where they go.

concealed in my jumbled mind,
no answer could be found.
for now they remain
a reminder
for spring cleaning:
sideways, crooked and upside down.

pictures left this way because
i was stuck in life,
collecting old habits
that are no longer
part of me.
the gloves don’t fit.

at last torn down before
my sentimental eyes.
these walls don’t reflect
who i am anymore.
easy it was to tear down, than build up.

-Writing on Waves

The walls of your home are a reflection of you. Look at the photos and decorations displayed. Look at the mirror. Do you like what you see?

Originally written in 2017

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