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Human Intuition | Poetry by Writing on Waves
just as naturally as 
dew rolling off fresh leaves
the river always finds
its way to the sea.
organic layers
concealed in the bank,
a memory
left imprinted in hollow stone.
dying fish at last found
their final home.

i walk ten thousand steps
under the canopy of green.
the sun spills
onto the floors
for a lifetime in these woods.

i want intuition-
fish don't need to think,
there is instinct,
where to swim to
find the inlet to finally lay.
but i can't say
i am as fluid as water.
for when the trail bends,
it twists and curves.
i am suddenly lost
in a forest unfamiliar.

-Writing on Waves

There is a natural flow of life. Nature does what it is supposed to. It goes with its usual routine, but why do I feel so lost in the familiarity?

I am suddenly lost in a forest unfamiliar

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