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How to Not Feel Lonely
i can go ten years
without visiting you.
i am determined enough to
go immeasurable distances
to elude cruel abuse
upon my colourful heart.

all what's left now
are shadows.
they tread
behind my heel,
but it really feels like
bound to me-
a world of silver grey.
a world limited.
a world bleached of character.
only because i resist it.

add a spark to
the coals
ignite a friendship old
hello, loneliness, how's your life?
as long as i accept your presence,
my star will shill shine.

-Writing on Waves

In this poem, loneliness becomes colourful.

Loneliness is something that we try to avoid, we can go immeasurable distances to avoid it.
When you are alone it may feel restricting, as if the world is colourless.
In this poem, I thought about why we feel loneliness as such. I wondered if we approached this concept differently, could we still feel the warmth in life? What this means is changing our idea of “being lonely” from something negative to an opportunity to self-reflect, learn, and explore.

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