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Lost in an expanse of dusty gold
The sky invaded by powdered stone
When clouds are picked up by hunters
I lose sight of hope
It only feels big with my eyes closed

My joints will harden
So force each step of the way
Nurture and motion
Will prevent decay
Regardless of my disposition
I am most certain
That the journey will be worth it

Put on the lens of crystal glass
Light bends like it never did in the past
Lost in an expanse of purest gold
Oh what potential this place may hold

-Writing on Waves

A desert poem. Riders in an arid landscape travel aimlessly. Their horses produce a cloud of dust and sand covering immense distance. Within that cloud, it is impossible to see where you are going. You are lost. Being disoriented, you want to press harder. Get out of this danger as quickly as you can.

Do you ever find that you rush things? I find that I am hurrying to finish my work, hustling my studies, or even racing to get to my destination when driving. We have a dust cloud over our heads, blinding us into thinking that we need to rush. That is, why are we in such a hurry?

I need to remind myself often to ‘take things slow’. I don’t mean going like a turtle – please don’t go 60 km/h on the 90 km/h highway. Actually, do the speed you are comfortable with, and you don’t need to purposely push harder than necessary.

Put on the lens of crystal glass, light bends like it never did in the past – a new perspective

Take a pause. Stop running. Slow down. Then, dust clouds that surround you will settle. When everything has calmed down, a new perspective will be revealed. When you put on the lens of crystal glass, the light bends like it never did in the past. You’ll notice the landmarks that you were never aware of.

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