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Dreamed back home | Poetry by Writing on Waves
i dreamed that i was back on the ocean side.
waves roar, announcing by force,
clawing at the shoreline,
carving out boulders,
assaulting driftwood
which i trip over.
then water retreats with a hiss.

it is never
a quiet coast:
quaking sand,
smooth stones,
bird cries,
and ever-present white noise…

i suddenly awoke
in the middle of big city,
where the seaside is solid concrete.
salt in the air suddenly becoming stale,
and seagull screeches morph into traffic.
i'd rather go back to sleep.
the desperation sounds so tragic,
to want to escape so far.
through my sleep-filled eyes,
i realized the apartment window cracked ajar.

-Writing on Waves

Let’s be at peace by the ocean, even if for just a moment…

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