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Don't Make Your Own Decisions | Writing on Waves
every time i have an idea,
they’d say i’m wrong.
the dream doesn’t stay long.

every risk i want to take,
is to be thwarted.
they say safety is rewarded.

hello security,
won’t you turn on the light?
i wish to see those hooks
that latch on so tight.

every time i reach a new path,
sunlight helps to guide me.
if i don’t tread carefully
i surely will be blinded.

goodbye certainty.
away the comfort
in the heard of sheep.
i pry off the wolves
that latch on with their teeth.

every sound of doubtful voices,
i know that i can face them.
leave those thoughts to themselves,
your breath will just be wasted.

hello fear,
it’s been many years.
won’t you come in for some tea?
let’s discuss how
you can help me.

-Writing on Waves

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