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i’ve lost direction.
my confidence was misplaced
in an unsuspecting haze.
trudging unknown course,
dressed in a coat of
thick tobacco smoke.
if i vanished, would you ever know?

be attentive
to the hush tones
and soft screeches.
it’s white noise among the trees. 
does somebody call out your name?
do they give any consolation to your uncertainty?

somber murky fog
holds nothing for me.
it fills my lungs with air and
“get out of here”
yet i don’t know where to go. 
with my back turned, scram,
all you see is my
my delicate silhouette.
i’ve lost direction,
hesitation consumes me
like a bad infection.

-Writing on Waves

What Does Uncertainty Feel Like?

Do you have dark and tense feelings when you are uncertain about something? Is like being surrounded by a thick coat of fog? You are unable to see straight. Thoughts are shattered into fragments that you can’t put back together. You sprint in circles because you can’t see the path.

It only stops spinning around when you are relaxed. Things seem less restricting when you are in this state.

On Making Decisions

I am continuing to work on remaining relaxed in these situations. It is not easy. I have emotions. We feel things. My point is to be calm when you are making choices in life. In a composed state, you are able to see clearly. You are able to think clearly. Then you can recognize all the puzzle pieces around you; that is when you make the best decisions.

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