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noisy shoreline.
an old boat waits quietly.
the crowd so occupied that
they don’t even notice opportunity.
am i the only one that knows
you’re about to sail?

too afraid to speak out.
keep my heart out of sight.
unforgiving waters accept no weakness,
yet i want to do you right.

hidden intentions
paralyzed by the sea.
it waves to my heart’s rhythm,
as if i’m living a dream.
then i realized that you
are not waiting for me.

too afraid to take risk.
unwilling to touch deep ocean.
too defy motion
is to resist to swim.
then bitterness will seep in.
i will never drown
because i never dove in.

-Writing on Waves

The boat about to set sail. Will I be on it by that time?

The Ship In the Harbour Isn’t Waiting for You

Imagine an old boat of opportunities just outside of the harbour. You are curious of what’s on the board. But you know that no ship will come to shore just to pick you up.

When presented with opportunities, they must be snatched up immediately. “Is this a good decision?” you ask yourself. Nobody can answer that, but you. You better make the choice quick. Tick. Tock.

When it comes down to decisions, you will be the one that has to swim out and get it. If you are afraid to take chances, the old boat out in the harbor will leave without you. No ship is waiting for you to get aboard.

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