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You are currently viewing 10 Short Poems About Life
Misty Mountain by Richard McLeish. Vancouver Island-based nature and landscape photographer.

Living is a process. It doesn’t have to be so complicated, but we make it seem that way.

I wrote theses 10 short poems about the different experiences and feelings that we have encounter in life. The stages in life that cause unexpected change, also lead us to self-reflect. Therefore, poetry was born out of uncertainty. One thing is for sure, the most precious thing we have is time. With this in mind, I have often asked myself: what am I going to do with it?

I hope you enjoy these poems, and maybe you see yourself in these words…

Photography provided by Richard McLeish.

Misty Mountain Photography Poetry

What Are You Afraid Of?

just because i'm nervous
it doesn't mean i'm weak
i can still have these feelings
and be driven to achieve
Road Trip Photography Poetry

The Journey We Live

my love. my trust.
that's all given.
i chose to bring them
along the journey
we are living.
Mountain Photography Poetry

You’re Right Here

pull me from the heard which i follow
lead me to your stream
i see my future crystal clear 
in the reflection 
you’re right here
Poetry by Writing on Waves

What Cannot be Undone

arrow fired
meets destination
represents my 
decisions committed
Nature Photography Poetry

How to be Happy

my goal in life
is to be happy
i chase pleasures 
too fast for me
she slips away
if i stop just once
will i ever be happy enough?
The Gift We Are Given Poetry

Owning Your Moment

the gift we are given in life is time
It's my choice what to do with it
I'll take back what is mine
to take charge of this moment
Busy Life Poetry

Calmness in Turmoil

busy life
catching ambition
corner of my eye
your calm disposition
Misty Beach Photography

Former Memories Wash Ashore

secrets crystal clear
when the tide disappears
history all exposed
show me yours
these memories keep coming 
back to shore
Hand Shadow Poetry | Writing on Waves

About the Reach of Your Fingertips

in this place
there are many who want
to reach high and dream big
look at the tips of your finger
you can’t expect to be any more than that

Long Beach Photography Poetry

Enjoying Special Moments

time is fleeting
like sand slipping through my fingers
memories merely linger
so enjoy the present moment at hand

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