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The psychology of money hoarding is like a ruling emperor, who can only see every newly conquered land as a new boundary that needs to be expanded further and further. We aren’t rulers, but we have the same desires. Are we hoarding as well?

Quantity and Quality of Money

There is no limit to the use of money; it can be used to purchase any commodity. The more money you have, the higher purchasing power you have. Purchase power can also easily changed into political power or civil power.

The desire to hoard is in its own nature insatiable. We can’t help but to want things, and accumulate wealth. Here is a description of two ways to describe money’s characteristics. The interesting thing is that these two traits oppose each other in a way, this is lead to the explanation of money hoarding.

Quantity of Money

Any actual sum of money can also be quantified with an absolute number like a million or a trillion. When you open your bank account, you see a number there, telling you the exact quantity you possess.

Quality of Money

On the other hand, money has a qualitative aspect that gives it no boundaryDo you have a lot of money in your bank account? It’s hard to say how much money is “a lot”. It can only be compared with another thing. For instance, one million dollars is a lot to the average person, but this is not that much for the rich person. Every person has their own definition of “a lot” of money.

Read on to learn about the psychology of money hoarding.

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