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Let’s Say I have All My Wants and Needs Satisfied. Then What?

Humans also have this tendency of desire too. Our world constantly gives us ideas of wants and needs. Look at an advertisement. They appear everywhere. The media gives us ideas of what we think we desire. Thus, we seek it out.

However, the difference between us and animals is that we are never satisfied once we acquire what we want. For us people, chasing our desires often leads us to a miserable, unfulfilling life. We too, are endlessly seeking. But what are we looking for?

We too, are endlessly seeking. But what are we looking for?

These feelings are aggravated further by comparing our possessions to wealthier others. Of course, capitalism and consumerism do NOT help. Manufacturers will forever produce luxury goods to entice our appetites. Furthermore, feelings like worries and concerns will emerge over the fear of losing the possession already owned.

The main point is, once we achieve our desires we are usually unsatisfied with the result. This is because our desires are focused on the wrong things. We look outwards to see what others are wanting. Instead of comparing our possessions with others, we need to shift our perspectives back to ourselves.

By doing so, this can help us use our desires to produce a positive and fulfilling life. This is easier said than done, but here are the steps that I go through to re-focus my perspective.

How to Use Desire to Produce a Positive and Fulfilling Life

Most of the time, the ideas of what we want come from outside. These come from comparing ourselves with others, and capitalism and consumerism. They give us media that show us what we think we desire. Therefore, our lives become filled with wants.

The process of constantly desiring more in life can be harnessed to produce a positive and fulfilling life. This is a learned skill, and it requires immense self-control. I even need to remind myself now and then. Here are the steps I take:

  1. Identify your purpose and goal. These are fluid – they can change. Think about why you are doing something. This can help you find your goals. I stop myself many times along the way to take the time to self-reflect. In these times, I may even need to re-adjust myself and change those goals.
  2. Identify action items. What do you need to do, or plan, that can bring you closer to achieving your goal? In this step, I think about what I need to do to help me achieve my goals.
  3. Put in the effort. Stop planning and start doing. A lot of the time, the hardest part is to start the journey. In this case, I need to remind myself to have courage and just go.

One thing to keep in mind is to not rush your actions. Along the road, control yourself so that you don’t rush so much. This leads to burning yourself out. You don’t want to stumble over.
Without self-control, you’ll rush for gains and results. You’ll miss the lessons that you can learn along the way. You’ll miss the people you’ll meet along the way.

You do not want to rush actions. For if you do, you will miss the lessons you can learn along the way.

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