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Life is a process of continuous adjustment. It is sometimes hard to be able to change your perspective. I just need to remember that I need to step back from the particular thing I’m focused on and see the big general picture. Taking a look from a different perspective can help new ideas come in. In doing this, from the general picture can let you see the particular.

Life is a Stream of Wants and Desires

It is a continuous process, a continuation of desiring more, having desires fulfilled, and developing new wants.

It feels like I have a lot of wants and desires my life. There are many things I want to strive for.

Let’s say that I make money in the stock market. Over time, I am earning more and more profit. What should I do with gains? It’s funny though, money can be seen as worthless. You may say, “we don’t need money, it is fuel for greed”. On the other hand, it can crippling when you don’t have money.

On top of investment, I also look into what career I should focus on building. This would definitely make my life even more fulfilling (on top of making lots of money from stocks).

These are my desires, the things I want in life that lead to happiness. However, I found myself at times to be dissatisfied with the end result. When this happens, I tell myself to slow down, and think about the steps needed to produce a positive and fulfilling life.

In end, you’ll be left with the feeling of emptiness despite achieving your goal. However, if the process of living and accomplishing goals are done properly, you’ll keep finding new opportunities.

What is the Purpose of Desire?

Your life direction is based around moving and living your purpose. Maybe it is the process of fulfilling your needs that’s keeping you mobile. We never stop activity because we are driven to. Driven to what?

Animals have evolved the tendency to keep developing wants and needs. This is a crucial trait that keeps animal species alive. Animals are constantly in motion, hunting or seeking out their primary needs (like hunger and thirst) in order to survive.

Read on to learn about how to use desires to lead a happier, fulfilling life.

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