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When We Were Young, We Listened to Our Body

From the moment we were born, we listen to our bodies. We slept when we were tired and ate when we were hungry. An infant does show interest and curiosity to the outside world, such as a party event, an attractive toy, or other novelties. However, they know when to stop and take an appropriate break: nap time.

An infant responds to their body’s signals. They know when they want to sleep regardless of the environment around them. They don’t binge anything – not even TV shows, or their favourite toy. They don’t even push themselves too hard, yet they are growing everyday both physically and mentally.

We should know better than a baby, but why are we still missing the mark?

Here is a question to ask yourself that can motivate you to take control of your life:

Why do I keep repeating harmful behaviours that I know are bad for me?

2 reasons:

  1. They give me instant gratification and simple, addictive pleasure
  2. Help you avoid discomfort, and I am too weak to let go of a little pleasure or to bear a little discomfort

It’s not difficult to listen to ourselves

Being self aware can be an answer to guide us through our complex life. During your busy day, self-awareness can help you re-focus your priorities, and re-assess what is important to you in life.

In our pursuit of productivity, entertainment and consumption, we deny ourselves the rest we need. You can even say we denying our body’s desperate signal that we are at our breaking point.

Starting out is as easy as getting the rest you need.

Then, focus on doing what you can and start where you are. Organize your life according to your own condition and competencies. Stop packing your days completely full, and know that tomorrow will always come. The journey that we live is what matters the most. It’s harvest that we can reap along the journey of life.

Here are Four Quick Tips to Help You Be More Self Aware

  1. Take a slow deep breath
  2. Close your eyes or have your eyes half open
  3. Unplug from the external world; ignore outside stimulation
  4. Listen to your body— enjoy each breath you take

The whole procedure takes less than 5 minutes, then you can decide to resume your regular activity or continued with the steps of self-awareness.

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