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How to Gain Control Over Your Life - Self Awareness | Writing on Waves

We pursue productivity and success. In the mist of our endless chase, we still ask ourselves why are we exhausted. Here we will explore why we overwhelm ourselves, and what can we do to gain control over our life: the power of self awareness.

Being Busy: Our State of Living as Influenced by Society

It’s a common problem these days that people are lack of sleep and proper rest. Some experts even liken the lack of sleep to an epidemic illness. Today we seem to be more stressful than any other period in human history. Why is our life like this?

A day full of things to do is a sign of being productive and successful. Therefore, we fill it. At the same time, society demands for our attention. The world we live in is a very demanding place.

The constant desire sparked by consumerism push us to get more and want more. We look around ourselves and feel unsatisfied seeing our neighbours, schoolmates, and colleague living seemingly better lives than we do. What is trending in society now is not only being successful in life, but being successful early in life. The creators of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are celebrated as role models for the coming generation.

Moreover, there is so much entertainment these days that it’s hard to imagine that we could ever run out of choices. Social media influencers, actors, and actresses create an endless wealth of content for us to consume.

We get together with friends and go to night club well pass our bed time.

As a result, we grow more stressful as we are bombarded with information and ever-growing duties. We desperately desire more wealth, and better commodity. This leaves us with no time to pay attention to ourselves. There is no chance for you to wind down.

All these factors result in a constant lack of sleep at night.

In our pursuit of productivity, entertainment and consumption, we deny ourselves the rest we need. You can even say we denying our body’s desperate signal that we are at our breaking point.

No wonder it’s hard to have a peaceful life.

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