Firstly, I’d like to say thank you for visiting my poetry blog.

Do you read poetry? Do you enjoy nature and the natural world? Do you also have deep philosophical questions about life? Then Writing on Waves is the right place for you!

My goal is to ask questions and find new perspectives. Can philosophical ideas give me the meaning of life? The journey is an ongoing endeavor translated into poetry. What is presented here is an evolution of my thought process.

Born and raised on Vancouver Island, my writing has themes of nature (oceans and mountains) with many topics of regrets, achievements, and love. I question, and consider the purpose of life. I want to know what we are supposed to do with our limited time. These thoughts come from the perspective of an island girl, who wishes to travel to the mainland. Nevertheless, I wish the reader to interpret my poetry the way you do.

Follow this blog for poetry, and philosophical writing. Here, you will enjoy a break from the busy world. My aim is that this site can give you new ideas. Maybe what you find here are new perspectives. I hope to help you ask difficult questions, and face uncertain situations.

Be patient, there is more to come. My journey off the island has only begun…

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